About Miguel

Born and raised in Imperial Valley and 23 year resident of the Coachella Valley, I have deep roots in these two communities that I call home.

With a career in mortgage banking that began in 1991 in Imperial Valley, I worked closely with home builders and assisted hundreds of families in realizing their dreams. In 2000, I relocated to the Coachella Valley and for 32 years to this day, I continue to provide valuable support to families seeking mortgage finance guidance.  

In addition to my professional work, I am deeply committed to serving our business community. I have actively contributed as the President of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Coachella chapter and as a Board Member for the Builder Industry Association. Furthermore, I have dedicated my time as Secretary and Board Member for GCVCC (City of La Quinta) and currently serve as the Chair of the City of Coachella Chamber of Commerce.

Above all, I am a proud father of five beautiful children. Their future and the future of all families in our district inspire me to make a positive impact and fight for their well-being.

"I am running for Congressional District 25 because I believe we need a true citizen representative who understands the needs of our community and can establish a strong connection. My priorities lie in protecting parental rights, preserving family values, and ensuring the success of our community through quality education for our children. I am dedicated to supporting our business community and fostering a skilled workforce that will drive our economy across our district."

Join me in this journey for a prosperous future. Together, we can have stronger families, prosperous communities and a vibrant and powerful United States of America.  Visit my campaign website, follow me on social media, and let’s work together.